Our premium baklawa is handcrafted in the authentic Middle Eastern tradition, with layers of flaky filo dough stuffed with nuts and dipped in rich butter. Fillings include pistachios, walnuts, cashews, or almonds. Topped with sweet sugar syrup, the taste of our baklawa speaks for itself.

Knafeh & Katayef

A Middle Eastern favorite!  Knafeh is a shredded dough pastry stuffed with sweet cream or cheese and topped with sugar syrup. Katayef is a pancake pastry stuffed with cream, cheese, or walnuts, and either baked and fried, drenched in syrup.


Mamoul is a decadent powdered cookie stuffed with walnuts, dates, or pistachios and bathed in rich butter.


Kashta, meaning Rosewater in Arabic, is the base of delicious Kashta cream. This rich, sweet cream is the filling of fried Kellajj, baked Shouiebieh, and rich and creamy Cream Caramel.


Mediterranean cookies have a European inspiration with our Petit Four, coconut cookies, fried syrup bites known as Awameh, powdered cookies known as Ghoribeh, and other delectable options.

Ice Cream

Shatila ice cream is made in the Middle Eastern tradition; super-premium, thick and creamy. Filled with freshly ground Turkish pistachios and real fruit pieces, Shatila homemade ice cream is a gourmet experience.